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“The Alexander Technique makes a real difference to my often tense and busy life. Its thoughtful approach has made me calmer, improved my concentration and given me a clearer sense of my own well-being. I am grateful for it.”

Joan Bakewell,
Television presenter and journalist




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A selection of videos about the Alexander Technique from authoritative sources


Alexander Technique Benefits Back Pain
A BBC News report on the Study into low back pain by Professor Paul Little at the University of Southampton



Posture Lessons Help Back Pain
A BBC News Channel report along with a demonstration of an Alexander Lesson


The British Medical Journal

The British Medical Journal has produced two videos about the Alexander Technique:

Please note that the Back Pain Trial was carried out by STAT trained Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique Part 1


And here is Alexander Technique Part 2


There is also so STAT channel on You Tube with lots of excellent videos of demonstrations and master classes click here

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