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Alexander Technique Books at Discount Prices with Free Postage



Alexander Technique Books


Specialist Books on the Alexander Technique


These books are intended for people who have a basic working knowledge of the Alexander Technique from having lessons with a STAT qualified teacher and who want to apply it to enhance their performance in their particular field.

Note that due to the specialist nature of these books, they are subject to availability


Swimming Without Stress

Lessons for Land Lovers!
Essential guide for novice swimmers, improvers and aspiring tri-athletes. Written by an Alexander Teacher, this is the practical application of the Technique to swimming


Bodysense - Horse Riding

The author clearly explains how to gain achieveable improvements in our overall posture and then takes this through to mounted work where the horses (who never lie!) act as a monitor for the improved use of your body and immediately improve their way of going


AT for Musicians

The aim of the technique is not to do what is right, but to help you stop doing what is wrong, through a series of practical procedures which awaken awareness and allow you to develop your innate potential. The Alexander Technique applies to all areas of musical activity, from technique, sound production, and interpretation, to daily practice, rehearsal routines, and the mitigating of stage fright and health problems.


Singing and voice

The author  discusses topics related to singing such as posture breathing, practicing and performing from the view of F. M. Alexander, various Alexander teachers, body-mind techniques, vocal teachers and singers.


Training for Actors

This practical book with illustrations links Alexander technique to acting, dancing and singing by the trainer of performers on The Lion King. In this book the author draws on her considerable experience and sets up a series of set-by-step warm-ups and exercises that anybody can follow. The exercises are linked to accurate anatomical drawings, showing where stress is most pronounced in the body


Master the Art of Swimming

the Shaw method takes the Alexander Technique into the swimming pool - focusing on releasing tension. Shaw has evolved a unique way of breaking down strokes into a series of therapeutic movements, which can be practised individually or with a partner, in a pool or on dry land. Shaw looks at the most popular strokes - front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly - focusing on maximum efficiency and minimum strain.



Dance and the Alexander Technique

Guidance to help dancers understand how to apply the Alexander Technique to their discipline. The authors clearly explain  how to access  bodily sensations and utilise them to organise efficient, easy, and elegant movement



The AT Birth Book

The authors show how the technique can be used to achieve a more natural birth. They explain how many of the health problems associated with pregnancy can be traced back to faulty posture, and how by achieving an overall improvement in balance and movement, a mother's experience of childbirth can be transformed, with numerous benefits to her own health and her baby's development

For more Information about the Alexander Technique use the following links:


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