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"When anything is pointed out, our only idea is to go from wrong to right; in spite of the fact that it has taken us years to get to wrong we try to get right in a moment."

F M Alexander




"If only they would stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing would do itself."

F M Alexander





"All that I am trying to give you is a new experience"

F M Alexander




"Anyone can do what I do, if they do what I did. But none of you want the discipline"

F M Alexander




"They may have an intellectual conception of what they want, and they may write down what they want to bring about, but how are they going to do it? They are not doing the thing that alters the rest"

F M Alexander



Alexander Technique Teachers in Somerset

Gail Clarke and Mike Rawlinson

STAT Trained Teachers of the Alexander Technique

STAT is the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, formed in 1958 by the original teachers trained by F M Alexander. It is the professional body representing the overwhelming majority of Alexander Teachers worldwide, and regulates training standards, ethical conduct etc* (see below for more information on training)

We Currently teach individual lessons in South Petherton TA13 5BN

Gail Clarke

I qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 1991 and went on to teach at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, the Cardiff Consultancy for the Alexander Technique, and I have taught on Alexander Teachers training courses. Since 1992 I have maintained a private practice in Somerset.  I teach both individual Alexander lessons, and corporate and management training.

I bring practical and diverse skills to my work as an Alexander Teacher, including my study of voice work and it’s relation to the whole self.

My daughter Lisa is an Alexander Technique Teacher in Bristol who  participated in the evaluation of Alexander Lessons for the alleviation of back pain.

I am a qualified Craniosacral Therapist, although I am not currently practicing.  

I am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)


Mike Rawlinson


Mike Rawlinson Alexander TeacherFollowing many years of interest in the Technique I qualified as an Alexander Teacher in 1989. I've  assisted on Alexander teacher training courses, led workshops and maintained a private practice. I am an experienced workshop leader specialising in movement, and creative and performing arts, I teach the Alexander Technique in one to one lessons in South Petherton.

My began my early career as a research scientist and attained the academic requirements necessary to become a Licentiate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry, after which I studied Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester. This was followed by a move to Wales where I joined a community pioneering medium scale organic farming, which I followed by setting up a studio pottery and teaching three dimensional art and design at Cardigan College of Further Education.

For the past twenty five years I have maintained a parallel career as a professional character clown, Professor Paradox, and run a small theatre in education company, Paradox Theatre, performing at schools, arts festivals and theatres throughout the UK 

I like variety in life!


More Information on Alexander Teacher Training

When F M Alexander started to train teachers he found that the biggest obstacle was that even people with many years experience of his work had difficulty in maintaining their good use when working with pupils. After trying a number of approaches  he concluded that the only way to train people to learn the skills necessary to become competent Alexander Teachers was on a training course requiring daily attendance over three years.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) was founded by the original teachers in order to preserve his legacy and standards of training, and it is through this dedicated adherence to the methods established by F M Alexander that the integrity of Alexander’s work has been preserved, and a STAT training follows Alexander's system of a three year course requiring daily attendance during normal term times.

Anyone can call themselves an  Alexander Teacher, and some have trained on correspondence courses, distance learning courses, evening classes, summer schools, weekend courses, and so on. However the STAT Training is the only system to use the training methods developed by FM Alexander from which the Technique takes its name, and has been taught by an unbroken line of teachers originating with those he personally trained, which is why we put so much emphasis on our STAT training.


Please note that we have chosen not to register with the CNHC, otherwise known as Ofquack because we believe that the CNHC lacks credibility as an organisation, and undermines our professional standing by allowing teachers onto their register who were not trained according to the methods developed by F M Alexander.

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“Finding Gail has changed my life.  Having ‘huddled’ over a computer keyboard for 10 years or so, I have had a chronic neck pain issue for over six years and had tried osteopaths, chiropractors, Bowen Technique practitioners, physiotherapists – you name it – I tried it. But each thing only worked for a short space of time and never really addressed the issue of freeing my neck myself to allow for a lengthening spine, more mobile arms and therefore a pain free neck!  Until I met Gail I had spent three years on really strong pain killers prescribed by a neurologist and I hated the way they made me feel.


Having worked with Gail now for nearly a year, I truly appreciate the self-reliant nature of the Alexander Technique, the ability to "heal myself" as opposed to relying on the next appointment when the chiropractor would manipulate my vertebrae into submission for temporary pain relief.  The Alexander Technique is a life long process of improvement as opposed to a temporary solution.  My pain relief use has halved and I hope to do away with it altogether in the next year.  I have also unexpectedly found an inner peace and tranquillity that comes from my new posture and way of breathing. Gail, you can never retire or move away!” 

J Y Consultant



"My back no longer aches when I do the ironing!"

P N - Retired