Alexander Technique Lessons - Prices



We normally teach hour long lessons, which is longer than most teachers, but we have found that pupils benefit from this, and prefer to have an hour, particularly as many travel a fair distance to see us.

Prices as follows

Introductory first Lesson 42.00
Subsequent one hour lessons 37.00
Forty minute lesson (advanced pupils) 32.00

The benefits of the Technique will not always be immediate, so it is best to commit to a course of lessons. It is a good idea to have an introductory lesson first to see if it is for you, and then decide whether to take a course. Its important in the early stages to come regularly, at least once a week, possibly going on to fortnightly when you have a good grounding in the work.

We are often asked how many lessons it takes, but this is impossible to answer - it depends how far you want to go with the Technique, and how quickly you learn. We have pupils who feel that a dozen is sufficient, and we have others who have been regulars for fifteen years, so its an individual thing. Around thirty lessons is about average.

Alexander Lessons should be thought of as an investment, and they certainly require commitment. On average a course of lessons will cost less than a weeks holiday abroad, so it is a question of what is important to you.

We accept cash, cheques, and part payment in home grown vegetables ...


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