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Alexander Technique Books at Discount Prices with Free Postage

Alexander Technique Books


Miscellaneous Books about the Alexander Technique

Note that due to the specialist nature of these books, they are subject to availability



A collection of one liners from the man himself. For example

'he gets what he feels is the right position, but when he has an imperfect co-ordination he is only getting in a position which fits with his defective co-ordination'



The Art of Changing

CD Version of The Art of Changing. Not for Alexander Purists this book goes beyond the Technique to talk about releasing negative emotions, using affirmations, and balancing chakras.


Personally Speaking

Walter Carrington shares his insights into Alexander's work through an interview format with Sean Carey.

He covers basic procedures such as the whispered "ah", hands on the back of the chair, "monkey" and lying down work and describes how Alexander taught, both in lessons and on his training course

The Labyrinth of Gar - An Alexander Book for Children

The Labyrinth of Gar is a unique book. It is an adventure story, a fable and an introduction to the Alexander Technique for children aged 7 to 12. Sue Merry has been teaching the Alexander Technique to children in schools since 1994




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