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Alexander Technique Books


Introductory Books on the Alexander Technique

Recommended for people who are considering having Alexander Lessons, or who simply want to know more about it. There are well over a hundred introductory books on the Alexander Technique so this is a small selection of the ones we consider to be the most informative.


Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Almost certainly the most popular introductory book with clear explanations of the principles of the Alexander Technique. We recommend all our new pupils to read it. Ignore the last chapter when he just goes on about himself - the rest of the book is excellent!



 The Alexander Technique: A Skill for Life

This is an excellent title, which manages to be a good read, whilst giving an in-depth explanation of the Technique, and is highly recommended.


 Alexander Technique: An Introductory Guide to the Technique and its Benefits

A clear and straightforward introduction - No frills, easy to understand, concentrating on the method itself, as seen from the student's viewpoint.


 Free Yourself from Back Pain: A guide to the Alexander Technique

A new introductory book by a highly regarded teacher. We're not that keen on the title because it suggests that all the technique is about is resolving back pain, and although this is a common reason for people having lessons, the Alexander Technique has so much more to offer. This becomes clear when you read the book, which is clear, well written and well illustrated


 Use Of The Self  by F M Alexander

Not exactly a beginners book, but essential reading for anyone seriously interested in the Technique, Alexander explains how he discovered and developed his work. If you want to really understand the man and his work, this book is essential reading



 The Alexander Technique

A truly inspirational book written by a doctor who was one of the first Alexander Teachers trained by FM Alexander. Great if you want a medical view on the Technique, although the writing style is a bit old fashioned, mainly because it was written over half a century ago


 How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live: Learning the Alexander Technique to Explore Your Mind-Body Connection and Achieve Self-Mastery

An interesting new contribution from a long standing teacher that explains the mind body connection using case studies and self-experimentation. Told from her personal point of view Missy Vineyard offers new insights into the work 


 Body, Breath and Being: A New Guide to the Alexander Technique

"Body, Breath and Being" explores the Alexander Technique through the experiences of those who have studied it and benefited from it. Highly recommended.



 From Stress To Freedom With The Alexander Technique [DVD]

An introduction to the Alexander Technique. Written and presented by Anthony Kingsley, it outlines how you can achieve poise, focus and wellbeing in your everyday life


 The Alexander Technique

This book explains clearly the principles  and goes on to explain how to apply those principles in everyday life. Verging on a DIY book, there is nevertheless a lot that is useful

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