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Alexander Technique Books

Alexander Technique Books - Further Study

Books by F M Alexander


Man's Supreme Inheritance

Alexander's first book in which he outlines the philosophy of his technique. Subtitled 'Conscious guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution in Civilisation' Alexander explains why he saw his Technique as a contributory factor to the next phase of human evolution as we move from instinctive reaction to conscious response.


Constructive Conscious Control

In his second book, Alexander develops his earlier themes, and in particular that humans in the developed world have poor use and can only overcome their poor habits of use by developing conscious control.

Poor use is a consequence of faulty sensory appreciation and it is through conscious control that we can learn to inhibit and not rely upon our kinaesthetic sense, but instead to develop Constructive Conscious Control


Use of the Self

Essential reading for anyone seriously interested in the Technique.

In this, his third book, Alexander explains how he discovered and developed his work. This is certainly the most accessible of his books and is of interest to anyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of the Alexander Technique


The Universal Constant in Living

Alexander wrote his final book after 45 years teaching. He presents the fundamental principles of the primary control, inhibition, and psychophysical unity. First published in 1941, this is the 2000 edition with a foreword by Walter Carrington

          Books by Other Writers

The Authorised Summaries of Alexander's Four Books

Useful Summaries of Alexander's four books. Written in a style that is more  accessible to modern readers. Very useful for teachers on training courses who have to summarise the books as part of their training!


The Life of F M Alexander

A well written and interesting biography of the founder of the Alexander Technique - Easy to read and interesting to anyone wanting to know more about this unusual and gifted man



F M Alexander

A short DVD of the only film recording of Alexander in action, plus some home movie footage of family and friends.

Commentary by Walter Carrington

Every pupil should see this footage so that we can see what we are aspiring to


Time to Remember

Personal diary of Walter Carrington when he returned to teaching in 1946 after the war.

Walter Carrington worked as Alexander's assistant on the teacher training course in London, taking over the course after Alexander's death.

A fascinating insight into the early years of the Technique


Articles and Lectures

A compilation of F M Alexander's articles, letters and lectures on the Alexander Technique

A valuable insight into the man and his time and the development of his work


Freedom to change

In Freedom to Change, Frank Pierce Jones presents the essential features of the Alexander Technique.

He researched and developed insight into the Technique as a scientifically credible discipline, and gives a thorough explanation of 'The Mechanism of the human body.

The author also relates Alexander's extraordinary life story and the development of the Technique.


The Alexander Technique - As I See It

Patrick McDonald was one of the early teachers trained by Alexander. this is a retrospective account of his training written in note form.

He went on to train many teachers in what has become know as the McDonald Style.

Written mainly for teachers it includes case histories and practical methods for lesson.


Mind and Muscle

Elisabeth Langford gives a concise and well written explanation of the Technique. She encourages the reader to experiment and to discover more about the relationship between mind and body. Well written and well researched 

Explaining the Alexander Technique

Walter Carrington in conversation with Sean Carey.

A stimulating read that covers many aspects of the Technique including the history, and expansion and commentary of some of Alexander#s own writings. One of the best books I read as a trainee teacher.




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