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When we first started having Alexander Lessons, only a handful of Alexander books had been written, and most were out of print. Now there are well over a hundred and it is impossible for someone new to the Technique to know which are worth reading, and which are not. 

There are introductory books, picture books, DIY books, history books, and books about how to apply the Alexander Technique to horse riding, golf, playing a musical instrument, singing, rowing, swimming and just about any other activity you can think of. There are more books too about how the Alexander Technique can help with back pain, posture, breathing and a whole lot more besides.

 Alexander wrote four books, but sadly few of his original Alexander Teachers wrote about the work: Dr Will Barlow wrote the ‘Alexander Principle’ which puts it into a medical context, and Patrick McDonald wrote the humbly titled ‘The Alexander Technique as I See It’. The really great teachers have instead largely confined themselves to teaching rather than writing.

 So what of this bewildering array of books? Some have much to offer to enrich and inform in the development of this great work, others are written to fit in to a publisher’s series on alternative health or self improvement. Some are picture books or DIY books which again are written to fit the needs of publishers. Some are written by teachers who want to try to fit the Alexander Technique into some New Age beliefs, and others are simple written by teachers who want to make a bit of money or make a name for themselves. One best seller was written by a medical journalist who felt qualified to write an entire book after only three lessons in the Technique. And there are some wonderfully informative books written by dedicated teachers who have something worthwhile to say.

 So there are some brilliant and informative books, plenty of rather mediocre books, and some that give misleading and wrong ideas about this work.

 We have set up this bookshop to promote the books that we think are worth reading and make a genuine contribution to providing useful information about The Alexander Technique.

 The books are categorised into self explanatory sections that we hope will be useful



Gail Clarke and Mike Rawlinson

Alexander Technique Books

We offer a range of information and books about the Alexander Technique at discount prices that are selected for accuracy and informative content.


Background to the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique has been around for about a hundred and thirty years now. It started with an Australian Actor who lost his voice whilst performing one man recitations of Shakespeare’s plays.

The wonderful thing about Alexander is that he didn’t set out to develop a cure for bad backs, or to improve posture, or be any sort of therapist or guru, he just wanted to sort his voice out so he could get on with his life.

He tried conventional medicine, and maybe homeopathy and a few other things as well, but nothing worked, so in the end he stood in front of a mirror to see if he could work out what he was doing wrong when he tried to recite.

The rest is a long story so I’ll fast forward to the bit where he realised that what we do in our daily activities affects the way we function, and his hoarseness was caused by what he was doing to himself. Not only did he sort his voice out, but he realised that many of our problems are self-inflicted by what Alexander termed 'faulty use'. So the technique that bears his name is a method for people to learn to use themselves in a better way.

There are two main benefits from using yourself in a better way: The first is that whatever you do will tend to have a better outcome which is why the Alexander Technique is so popular with singers, musicians, actors, sportspeople and just about everyone else, and the other is that many health problems such as back backs, breathing difficulties, and general aches and pains have a tendency to improve.

 Alexander Technique Books

You can learn a lot from books about the Alexander Technique (well some of them anyway) but you can’t learn the Technique itself without a teacher, so we’ve put all the DIY books in a separate section along with the picture books. Don’t get me wrong, picture books can be really useful and they make great presents and some of the Teach Yourself the Alexander Technique books have a lot to offer too, I just don’t want to raise your expectations.

Alexander wrote four books about his work. Well five actually, but he threw the first into the sea during his passage to England from Australia, and having re-written it, published it as 'Man's Supreme Inheritance'. All his books are available and you can find them on the further study page. We actually recommend his third book, 'The Use of the Self' as the best for people new to the technique, and is the clearest explanation of what his work is about.



This site is maintained by an Alexander Teachers, and we’ve selected Alexander Technique books that we think are informative and accurate, and we haven’t included some of the airy fairy new age waffle that inevitably tends to come along for the ride, so you know that by buying books from us you will be reading something authentic. So you won't find a huge selection, just the books that we recommend

All orders are serviced by Amazon so you can buy with confidence that your books will be at the lowest possible price and usually with free shipping, and it will normally arrive pretty quickly. The other advantage to buying from us is that you can be sure that you are buying books that are recommended by experienced Alexander Teachers. Unfortunately some of the most misleading books have great reviews on Amazon, partly because not everyone who reviews them knows what they are talking about, and more often because some authors get their mates to put up reviews for them – you can usually tell which ones are not genuine if you read carefully ... 


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